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Andrea Wong Knits

Andrea Wong is a specialist in Portuguese style knitting, who learned from her mother when she was 7 years old in South America. Since then she has been knitting avidly, designing and teaching. She teaches how to knit in yarn shops, different knitting guilds, retreats and groups in the United States and abroad. Andrea is the author of 3 DVDs on the subject and she has just self-published her first book: Portuguese Style of Knitting - History, Traditions and Techniques.

Our objective was to build a new e-commerce website for Andrea. We helped her determine her appeal then went to work on first designing knitting pattern templates (for web and print) and offered a product photo shoot. With those tools in place we then designed and built her website.

  • Andrea Wong Knits
  • Business Card, Rebranding
  • Flyer, Photography
  • Dreamweaver, InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, OpenCart, CSS, HTML, PHP, MySql, jQuery, Responsive, iWorks, Microsoft
  • Custom CMS, Web Design, Web Development, Hosting, Redesign

When I hired HorseHouseDesign to design my website I was excited and had many expectations. Over time we worked together to customize my e-commerce site, with easy to navigate features and a classic presentation. She was instrumental in providing a positive user experience and ease of use for me as a small business owner. Today my customers are able to visit my shop, register, leave comments, download patterns, connect through social media and shop in an organized and clear manner.

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